The jamesgeo well-travelled map



After years of deliberation, months of data wrangling and several reviews by family, I have finally finished version 1 of the jamesgeo well-travelled map. This map aims to answer the question “how well travelled am I?”. Unsurprisingly the answer is not very.

The map is made by taking every point that I’ve been to on the Earth’s surface and buffering by 100 km, without letting this cross any international borders, unless I did. I have chosen 100 km as I argue that culture, geography, geology etc changes significantly over about this distance.


Well-travelled map, showing the Earth’s surface that I’ve experienced.


Well-travelled map, without the context, paints a somewhat dismal view.

SSH login attempts

UGB has a server. Whenever somebody fails to login he records their IP address. uses the IP location service from to turn these IP addresses into locations.

Two maps showing failed logon attempts over a 37 day period. Note that the IP lookup’s locations may not be entirely accurate (note the cluster at 0, 0).


All SSH login attempt locations, 17th Oct to 22nd Nov 2016.


Locations with 100 or more failed login attempts, 17th Oct to 22nd Nov.

Element towns pt 2


Last post we saw a map of all the towns in North America that are named after periodic elements. This post has some more detail.


All of the elemental towns in Colorado

Whilst I’m confident that the sainted Leadville was named after lead (a bi-product of the silver mining industry), I’m less confident about Leader, Carbonera and Tinaia, NM. I’ll ask a linguist.


The Western States, ignoring gold, silver and copper