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My previous post made me wonder about the CO2 emissions I’m responsible for. Spoiler: Quite a lot.

My defence: I fly less, stay longer. This is illustrated by the map below that shows open jaw flights. I travelled overland from blue airports to a red ones, sometimes (eg Quito to Rio) for quite a long way!


CO2 calculations: Based on these values for average CO2 equivalent emissions per passenger km, I have a lifetime CO2 footprint of 21.3 tonnes, which is only 722 kg / year. This is a bit misleading as I didn’t get to choose where I went on holiday UNESCed for the first half of my life. Over the last 10 years my average is 2.0 tonnes / year.

Is this a lot? According to the World Bank this is the same as the average emissions of a Peruvian. I like this comparison because I entered Peru in one of the most environmentally friendly ways I can imagine – sharing a medium sized car with seven other people … and a (live) chicken.