In September I blogged about my CO2 emissions. The summary is that over the last 10 years my flights alone have produced 2.0 tonnes of CO2 / year, about equivalent to a Peruvian’s total emissions.

Being an environmentally conscience sort of chap, TMG has asked for a comparison.

TMG me
Number of flights 113 79
Total distance (km) 439,303 184,671
Total distance (trips round equator) 11.0 4.6
Total distance (trips to the moon) 1.1 0.5
Average flight distance (km) 3,888 2,338
CO2 – lifetime flights (tonnes) 51.8 21.3
CO2 – 10 years (tonnes / year) 4.7 2.0
CO2 – 5 years (tonnes / year) 7.5 3.0
CO2 – lifetime (g / km) 118 115

Summary: TMG’s emissions are higher because he’s been on more (and longer) flights, however surprisingly our emissions per km are about the same. I’ve taken a lot more short flights, which are more polluting per km, but both of our emissions figures are completely dominated by long hall flights.

Country comparison: TMG’s five year (flights only) CO2 emissions are those of a Slovenian. With only two more average flights, his five year annual average CO2 emissions (from flights alone) would equal the United Kingdom’s per capital CO2 emissions from all sources. Luckily he’s been doing important work (and doesn’t drive), so he’s probably ok!