The Mercator Projection gets a lot of bad press for exaggerating the size of countries near the poles and shrinking Africa. In order to boost its much maligned reputation, I have set out to create a map that’s worse than a Mercator…

I took the worse property of Mercator  – the fact that the horizontal scale varies so much with latitude (ie width of country is exaggerated near the poles), and made a map with only two pieces of information:

1) The width of each country in degrees.
2) The order of the countries, South to North

jamesgeo.com 'worse than Mercator' map. Overseas territories (loosely defined) shown in grey.

jamesgeo.com ‘worse than Mercator’ map. Overseas territories (loosely defined) shown in grey. The y-axis is arbitrary.

20150415_223727_horz2plotThese maps are not to be used for navigation!